Banana Protein Pancakes

There has been a big struggle in my life with wanting to eat pancakes but also wanting to stay away from breads. Breads have very minimal nutrient value to them and depending on where the wheat came from or how much processing the flour has gone through. Processed flours can contain phytonutrients, which pull nutrients from our bodies in order to break it down and move it through our digestive systems. Every time I craved or was eating pancakes, I thought, there must be a better way! Well guess what?! There is a healthier (and in my opinion, yummier) way to have pancakes. These also work really well as waffles too!   This simple recipe is very quick to make and not easy to mess up (trust me, I am master as screwing things up). Almost every time I have made this recipe, I have […]

5 Fat Myths

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Have you ever been told fats are bad? Do you avoid fats in hope to lose weight? Did you know, losing weight is the #1 resolution set each year? This article is meant to debunk myths about fats and reveal the truth of their need in our daily lifestyle. Myth 1: Fats will make me fat!   Truth 1: Without realizing it, our bodies are full of fat (the good kind). No, don’t look at your thighs or your husband’s belly (you are both beautiful the way you are!!) but I want you to look beyond that. ? Did you know, the average human body contains about 37.2 trillion cells. These cells contain a nucleus in the center and that nucleus contains our DNA, which all together make up who we are! Each cell contains a membrane that holds the nucleus inside. These membranes are […]