Tuesday’s Oven Tacos

Are you a taco lover? What about your family or group of friends? These oven tacos are perfect for you then. Best part about them, they make a lot and are super easy! Once upon a time, I was lucky enough to actually have a guy interested in me. We had gone out a few times so I decided it was time for us to stay in and I was going to do the cooking. He loved the idea and so I whipped up something quick so I could quickly get ready and not look like such a slob before he came over. I’ve cooked chicken and veggies in the oven many times before so I figured this was the best option. PLUS! it gave me left overs for days which I truly enjoyed on my lunch breaks and even threw some into an omelette […]

8 Steps to Meal Prepping Like a Champ

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Ever wonder what all of the hullabaloo is about with meal prepping? Doesn’t it just take more time and create such a large mess? Well yes and no, let me explain why.. Meal prepping is considered planning and preparing food for more than one meal that you do not eat right away. Prepping food makes it much more convenient for lunches on a busy day, or dinner when you have no desire to cook and a drive thru sounds so tempting. Preparation can save you time, money and help you avoid those undesired extra pounds. Best part of meal prepping, it can be done for one individual, or an entire family. Adjust meals accordingly and enjoy your delicious creations!   There are 8 simple steps that will help you perfect that meal prep life:   Step 1: When meal prepping, pick a specific day (or […]

3 Simple Steps to Clean Eating

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What is clean eating? Doesn’t that just sound like a loaded question?   Clean eating: Eating whole, “real”  foods that are found in their natural form. Minimizing the processed, refined, and handled foods as much as possible.   Clean eating shouldn’t be overwhelming or scary, and let me explain why. Throughout the years, I’ve “committed” to eating clean and the next week or two, you could have found me sneaking a cookie (my weakness) or frustrated that I had no time to meal prep and was then starving.. So drive thru window here I came. It wasn’t until recently that I have been able to find a balance and really love clean eating without any of the unwanted side effects or ‘hanger’ pains.  Lucky for you, I have some great news! Clean eating is not all or nothing. It takes time to build! You don’t […]

Peanut Butter Protein Snacks

So it is morning and you are rushing to get out the door. You’re about to be late to work, again. There is no time for breakfast as you struggle to put on your shoes and look for your car keys. Finally arriving to work, you sit at your desk and take a deep breath before you get started on your daily tasks but your stomach starts to growl. “It’s going to be a long morning”, you think to yourself! Sound familiar? Seems as if you need a satisfying yet quick snack to tide you over until lunch time. Peanut Butter Protein Snacks are the perfect option to offer protein, fiber, and fats. Can’t forget the sweet taste of honey that is added into the mix to quench any sweet tooth. With a little bit of time set aside for meal prepping each week, a […]

Banana Protein Pancakes

There has been a big struggle in my life with wanting to eat pancakes but also wanting to stay away from breads. Breads have very minimal nutrient value to them and depending on where the wheat came from or how much processing the flour has gone through. Processed flours can contain phytonutrients, which pull nutrients from our bodies in order to break it down and move it through our digestive systems. Every time I craved or was eating pancakes, I thought, there must be a better way! Well guess what?! There is a healthier (and in my opinion, yummier) way to have pancakes. These also work really well as waffles too!   This simple recipe is very quick to make and not easy to mess up (trust me, I am master as screwing things up). Almost every time I have made this recipe, I have […]

5 Fat Myths

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Have you ever been told fats are bad? Do you avoid fats in hope to lose weight? Did you know, losing weight is the #1 resolution set each year? This article is meant to debunk myths about fats and reveal the truth of their need in our daily lifestyle. Myth 1: Fats will make me fat!   Truth 1: Without realizing it, our bodies are full of fat (the good kind). No, don’t look at your thighs or your husband’s belly (you are both beautiful the way you are!!) but I want you to look beyond that. ? Did you know, the average human body contains about 37.2 trillion cells. These cells contain a nucleus in the center and that nucleus contains our DNA, which all together make up who we are! Each cell contains a membrane that holds the nucleus inside. These membranes are […]